Goddess Bella Donna

Real time Sessions – Prodomination and Cash Point meets

Real-time are you sure you can handle it?

Professional domination real talk!

If you can’t agree to those things below you are in the wrong place. LEAVE NOW!

I am going to drop all pretenses and just give it to you straight. Real Time is a far cry beyond what you ever experienced online and it is not for the wimpy, the flaky, or the entitled dipshits who haven’t figured out that you no longer have the protection of a computer screen!

Look at my picture! This is me – Goddess Bella Donna – with one change. My hair is no longer reddish but dark brown / black and I had it cut a little. It’s still shoulder length but my hair is the least of your worries unless you have a huge hair fetish in that case it would matter.

No, what I want to draw your attention to is MY BODY! Take a close look at it. Yup, I am inviting you to stare at it. What do you see? A BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with no surgical enhancements. That means average sized boobs and a big belly. If that is a deal breaker for you and for whatever reason you got it in your head that a woman my size is not worthy of worship and service the way SHE desires and demands, we are already done here. Move along and go find someone else. I have ZERO uses for you….

Alright now that we have the body covered and out of the way, look at my face. I am older and darn proud of it too because the alternative would really suck. If I got to translate that statement go away now, because you are on the shallow end of the intelligence pool and not eligible for my time.

Point is that I was born 1970 and I no longer look like a spring chicken in it’s 20’s or even early 30’s. I have lived a regular life and like most women who do, life has gifted me with it’s little road map that shows I wasn’t wrapped up in bubble wrap. So if that is a deal breaker for you, again move on. We have no use for one another. Good luck!

Still here? Great! Then let’s move on. I know I sound kind of bitchy at the moment but don’t take it that way. I have simply learned that in this time and age you have to smack people with blunt talk at the beginning so they wake up long enough to actually listen. Good boys and sissy have nothing to fear. I am a stern but fair Goddess with those who deserve gaining my attention and dominance over them. But I am picky and that is as it should be.

The thing is that there is this misunderstanding out there that you as a submissive can have anyone you want and that women like me should be grateful that you even give us attention. Buttercup, Sweetheart, Darling, Love if that is your outlook in life you got it twisted. You would be fortunate for ME to even consider you and you will work for that privilege too. Why? Because I deserve nothing but the best and I don’t accept silly entitled fools who wouldn’t know what submission is if it ran them over with a MacTruck. Clear? Good!

Remember all those things you have seen in dirty raunchy pornography, read in erotic BDSM fetish stories, seen on Social Media in most cases? Forget them! Real time is a whole different kettle of fish.

Here in the real world your actions and attitude slip-ups have real consequences. Bad behavior does get punished and punishment is “Session OVER – thank you for the money you just paid you moron!” You will be given the rules before we ever start the Session. You will know EXACTLY what is expected from you and I will have warned you at least 3 times that if you forget whom you are kneeling to and I get annoyed because you are the furthest thing from even submissive acting during your time with me, that I will end the session and we are done. I tell you three times not to nag you about it, but that seems to be the magic number it takes for some things to actually sink in with most people. Basically I am giving you every opportunity to not get punished in that way.

Punishment is NOT fun! You want spanked, behave yourself. BEG for it! Don’t attempt to piss me off to get it. I don’t reward bad behavior! I do the one thing you don’t want and won’t enjoy… Walk out the door without a backwards glance. Got that? Good.

I am not amused by lippy guys who forget that they are in the presence of a Lady and a living Goddess. Online I can’t  do much more to you then ignore you and block you, or verbally attempt to put you into your place. Which truth be told is lost on most of the hecklers and smartass guys with no understanding of what BDSM, Kink and Fetish actually really entails. In real time however when you do that I can very easily put a bar of soap in your mouth or slap you. I can also gag you. I can put Tabasco sauce on your tongue and all sorts of fun little things. Well and as mentioned above if it goes beyond just being a bit cheeky your wallet will be very sad. Because now you’ll have just paid me a high price for you to lip off to someone you supposedly wanted to submit to. Are you getting the idea yet?

I have a standing rule that I do NOT accept real time session requests from anyone under the age of 25 and actually my preference is 30 and above. I don’t care how mature you think you are or how much you promise you’ll behave yourself. That’s a rule and requirement I have and it’s not up for negotiations.

Do NOT ever mistake me for a hooker with a whip. PERIOD! I do not offer sex! You will not fuck me. I will not fuck you. I am a CFNM at best Pro-Dominatrix, Disciplinarian and Financial Mistress. Meaning I am dressed and if it is part of the session you’ll be the one exposed (no clothe on) and vulnerable. However I may even decide to keep your junk covered unless CBT is part of the whole. It’s totally up to me. (Surprise the DOMINA is in charge here! What a concept!)

Oh yes and guess what. We are going to have a little casual chit chat in which we figure out the perimeters of our session. That means I will find out what your interests are, your experience level, your limits and your hard limits. I will give you MY hard limits as well. Once that is set I have my “playground” as far as you are concerned. From that moment on, what happens, how it happens, in what order it happens, and which of the things you mentioned you’d like to explore and enjoy happens is ENTIRELY UP TO ME!

When the session begins your say ends. You are coming to me for domination, so let me do what you came to me for. I don’t need your help doing something I have done for 25 + years now. Thanks anyways.

I do have a sense of humor and it comes out. I like to tease verbally, joke around and elicit reactions from those I control and play with. I have a quirky sense of humor and the only thing you should expect with me is the unexpected. Even so you are coming for a Pro-Domination Session with me, I will behave exactly the same way I would with a Lifestyle slave. There isn’t going to be any big performance show being put on. You are going to get the experience of what it would be like to truly be submissive, controlled and of use to a real life everyday Lifestyle Mistress. No Puppet Mistress here. Anyone pulls the strings it’s me.

What is it you are paying me for? My expertise, my attention, my time and the privilege of experiencing something that you obviously can’t have in your life any other way. Lifestyle you’d have to earn your playtime by doing days, weeks and sometimes months worth of mundane, super boring, everyday chores. Running errands, being basically my dogs body and literal service slave. Since you are NOT doing any off those things you are paying for the privilege of what those wonderful pets have to work for in labor to earn those scene time rewards.

My time is valuable! I don’t care if you can’t afford the Price Tag I put on my time. If you can’t afford me then by all means please either figure out a way to get the extra money, save up for it or go find someone cheaper. I don’t bargain and I don’t allow my decisions to be heckled with. The first time you asked me to lower my prices they just tripled. I am not the one to mess with.

I am not a dress up doll! Dominance is NOT in the clothing but the person. If you have something super specific that you want me to wear you may have the privilege to meet up with me before the session (which you get to pay me for) and take me shopping to purchase the item which I will then happily add to my outfits (which again you get to pay for). That is if I like the outfit you have in mind. If I don’t and the clothe are more important to you then the Lady who controls you, please by all means go hire a Model to roleplay a Dominatrix for you. You have my blessing.

I don’t care what you do in your personal time AFTER, but BEFORE and DURING the session you will be neither high or drunk or hung over. If you are foolish enough to push that subject and show up high, drunk or hung over to our meeting I will thank you for the non-refundable deposit, the cancellation fee you now owe me and wish you a wonderful life. Do not test me, that rule is there for a reason. It protects you.

YOU WILL GET A SAFEWORD! I do not give a rodents behind if you think you don’t need one or how long I have been doing this. UNLESS you are one of MY slaves who has been in real time training with me for a minimum of 2 years, you are getting one. Obviously you are not, because if you were, you wouldn’t need to read this right now. You are a human being and things happen. The body and mind is a strange thing and sometimes you can’t handle the things YOU THINK you can handle. I go by S.S.C and R.A.C.K. (Don’t know what that is –  look it up. ) You want a no limits – no safe word Mistress by all means there are hundreds of them out there. Please go and enjoy yourself with one of them instead.

NON-Refundable Deposits – Yup requirement. Not up for discussion. Don’t make me explain to you why and if you are sincere in your desire to actually have the session with me this isn’t a problem. The only people I ever hear bitching about that rule are the ones who always flake out. For a sincere submissive this is a no-brainer.

Are you starting to get the idea yet that you are no longer dealing with an online only Mistress? I sure hope so.

Now let me ask you this… Do you still think you can handle a real-time session with Me? If yes, go ahead and start browsing around and read my posts.

Goddess Bella Donna


Cashpoint meets information

This section is for Financial submissives and pay pigs only!

If you are not into financial domination / financial fetish / cash fuckery or any other modern day word for handing your hard earned money LITERALLY and PHYSICALLY over to a woman like me who classifies herself either in part or in full as a FINANCIAL DOMINATRIX OR MONEY MISTRESS then get off this blog post now. This has nothing to do with you here. Not your fetish, not your kink, not your scene, not for you… Bye bye now.

For the rest of you pay attention because every Lady handles and sees her Cashpoint Meet opportunities differently.

Cashpoint Meets with Goddess Bella Donna

You should already know what a cashpoint meet is if you are still reading and if not the little paragraph above should have given you a clue. You are not requesting a BDSM or mainstream Fetish Session appointment when you ask for the privilege of a cashpoint meet with me. No, you get aroused, feel properly used, or simply serve your purpose by meeting up with Me and physically transferring CASH into MY HANDS. That’s the entire purpose of our meeting up. That’s a cashpoint meet.

Now I enjoy spending a little time with my cash slaves, cash pets, pay pigs or financial slaves. So I like sitting down to a nice cup of coffee with them. I love watching you squirm across from me as I talk to you, tease you with the reality of the situation you are in now, and just in general spend a bit of “quality” time with my inferior. It delights ME to no end, so I actually have a perverse little reverse rule that says… if you want to avoid the coffee chat because you are too nervous or in a rush, it costs you an additional $100, because you are depriving Me of my additional fun. *Evil grin*.

We always meet in a public place and we will have coffee in a public place too. You of course get to pay for the coffee – I like Iced Carmel Macchiato or Iced White Mocha, so you don’t need to ask me what I’d like to drink. You can just order it for me. You may have whatever you like UNLESS you are also one of MY FAT PIGGIES (Feedee Slaves) and in that case I’ll tell you what to get.

Before I agree to meet up with you to collect MY MONEY from you, there will be two things taking place. First we are going to have a couple of email exchanges back and forth which if I am pleased with how they are going will result in me telling you how much a non-refundable deposit I require from you for the meet up appointment and the demand of you sending me a clothed photo with your face clearly showing on it. I will also ask you for your real name. Those are all safety precautions and if you have to ask why I would do that, you just became ineligible. (Shallow intellect pool dwellers are not attractive to me).

Once I have the deposit from you we set the time and I set the location. BE ON TIME! If I have to wait longer then 10 minutes you will owe me an additional $50 per minute that you are late OVER the amount we agreed upon up to 15 minutes past the appointed time. If you are later then 15 minutes late, I will be gone and you owe me an additional cancellation fee of 25% of what you were supposed to drop of to me PLUS the $250.

I will ALWAYS be dressed casual!!! Period! We are in public, it’s called respect for innocent bystanders. You should be dressed casual and clean too. Dress like you would to meet someone for a nice cup of coffee that you respect. Not that difficult.

Minimum of what I find acceptable as a Cashpoint meet drop is $400 if you bring it cash with you and of course I prefer higher numbers.

If you love the idea of me standing next to you and having you take money out of an ATM for me then the minimum of $300 in cash already in hand for me and YOUR personal MAXIMUM for your daily withdrawal.

Oh and do expect to have to be a gentleman at some point. I always get so very excited when I take cash from someone just like you, so it is inevitable that I’ll drop something. How clumsy of me.. which means you’ll need to get on your knee to pick it up for me like the “gent” you are. *wicked laugh*.

Well there you have it. That is how I prefer and enjoy the Cashpoint Meets. Feel that cash screaming it wants to go home to “Momma” haha, you can find out where I am currently add location wise and if it is within your region to travel to email me at goddess@paymepiggy.com and request an appointment.